I was out cruising without you, they were playing our song
Crying on Saturday Night!

motoredanarchy asked:

A photoset please :)

Ok! I’ve just done it and I’ll publish it now.

motoredanarchy asked:

Since Doyle is my favorite Misfit, could you post some pictures of him? Please? :) And your blog is now officially my favorite xD Stay awesome!

Sure :) would you prefer a photoset with his pics or single posts?

The Misfits in Big Money Hustlas


 The Misfits on the set of American Psycho (1997).
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The Misfits · Famous Monsters
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Cutting with a knife, blood is spilling everywhere
She will be my wife
Secondary spine, incisions must be accurate
I know just what to do
My hands are trembling I can't spare to slip up with this knife!

Anonymous asked:

how did doyle and alissa meet? also, do doyle and jerry have a good relationship? i mean, i know they're brothers, but still. thanks!

Doyle and Alissa met during one of the dates of the Danzig tour. She was still with the Agonist, who opened for Danzig.

Honestly I don’t know exactly how the things are going between Jerry and Doyle, I’ll do some researches!