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losriot asked:

so what do you think the chances of a Danzig, Doyle, Only and Graves tour ever happening? and what organs would sell for tickets?

There is an higher chance to meet an alien than have a reunion with Graves and Danzig together. However it seems like there’s a good relation between Michale and Jerry, so never say never.

If this will ever happen I’d probably sell a kidney or something like that, I don’t know tbh

ipromiseiwilltakeyouthere asked:

okay good :) hope it was a grand one!

Yes, it was! Thank you again :)

Anonymous asked:

I always thought Michale looked like Luke Perry when he was younger. Do you think Mike looks like any other celebs?

In my opinion Mike looks pretty like Jake Gyllenhaal, especially in Prince of Persia (even if Mike is tinier than Jake).

zacksvengeance asked:

Happy Birthday! ***

Thank you ♡

dmdoll asked:

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an amazing day!!!

How sweet, thank you! :)

metalmusicismylife asked:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ABOMINABLE FEIND :) hope you have a good one and stay awesome

Actually I think I’m pretty far from being abominable lol but thank you a lot, dear fiend!

atheana4242 asked:


Aaaw thank you very much! :D