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Anonymous asked:

That is the god damn truth, everybody at my school wears Misfits merch and don't even know who they are or that they're even a band! I asked this one girl if she liked the Misfits, and she said that she only bought the shirt because it looked cute. (It was the pink and white, flowery Crimson Ghost on it) I'm assuming she got it at Hot Topic.

I think this happens almost everywhere now. I’m (not) sorry but hot topic is one of the things that should burn in hell. It’s one of the main reasons that the most of the fans are posers. There isn’t a real fan base anymore, just a bunch of mainstream kids who pretend to like them because it’s cool.

Anonymous asked:

99.9% sure this has been asked before but, Danzig or Graves? Personally I prefer Glenn.

They’re both great songwriters, singers and performers. I don’t think Graves is better than Danzig or vice versa; however I prefer Graves for personal reasons.

cosmic-misfit asked:

your blog is one of my favorites. I love it so much! it's kind of hard to find people who ACTUALLY like the misfits and don't just post things about them to seem 'grunge'. I hate that shit.

Thank you! I honestly feel you. It personally makes me feel bad when people reduce the Misfits as ‘the band with the skull logo’. Nowadays the majority of the people who listen to the misfits aren’t really into their story or music; they just do it because it’s cool to wear some misfits merch with a crimson ghost on it. And this really pisses me off.

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Fiend Club (Live)
The Misfits
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The Misfits - Fiend Club (Live, 1999)

We march and we fall
We’re one and for all
It’s just evil all of the time…
All the time…


The Misfits (Michale and Jerry) - Backstage in Japan (2000)


The Misfits (Graves Era) → Infographic 

The Misfits & Vampiro on WCW Monday Nitro, 11/08/1999.